Church Council


Our Church thrives because of the energy and style of the people who are a part of our leadership. Here are the people that make up our Church Council:

Sarah Hensch  - President

Tim Simpson - Secretary

James Neisz - Treasurer

Todd Vincent - Financial Secretary 

Joyce Crews - Worship and Music

Marci Malnar - Education

Mike Stegle - Property

Elizabeth Kelley - Fellowship


Youth Director 

 Paula Hasty 

Paula Hasty has been our Youth Director at both Mt. Moriah and Salem Lutheran Church since December of 2016. She grew up in New Berlin, WI ( a suburb of Milwaukee) where she became

a certified Child Care Teacher, following her Travel Agent certification. Paula is also in the CSIS Church Council.

Having grown up with post missionary, Christian parents who were very active serving at church, she learned to appreciate church work, team work, and the importance of sharing the Gospel. Being so close to Milwaukee and Chicago gave her an appreciation for diversity as a gift from God that too many people fail to recognize.

Her passions include: her family, teaching, babysitting, photography, journaling, writing, and traveling. Apart from these things, Paula's favorite past times are walking in nature and seeing the hand of God, and playing with her pets which include: 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 bunnies!

Paula is married to Pastor Mark Hasty and together they have 3 daughters: Hailee, Serena and Alyson.

Paula's motto is: Live in the JOY of the Lord! J = Jesus first, O = Others second, Y = You third.




Sarah Hensch - President

I joined Mt. Moriah Lutheran Church in 2007 after moving here from the Chicago area. I am honored to have served in this church council numerous times, and I am in my second term serving in the council president position. My husband and I were not blessed with children, but I have always been an animal lover, and I have three little dogs now to keep me company since my husband passed away. I am always happy to help in any way I am able, so please do not hesitate to leave a message with the church secretary and I will be very happy to talk with you.


James Neisz - Treasurer

James is currently serving on the Mt. Moriah council as Treasurer and actively supports the Audio/Visual Team. He is a recent retiree after working in the defense aerospace industry for thirty-two years for the Texas Instruments and Raytheon corporations. James is a relatively new to Anna and Mt. Moriah but was raised in Marion, IL. He graduated from Marion High School and holds degrees from SIU-C. James has been married for over 30 years to Mary Ann Neisz nee Parrish. He continues to play with computers, is frequently walked by his dog, and photographs as time permits.




Tim Simpson - Secretary 




Joyce Crews - Worship and Music

I have been a member of this congregation family for 30 years. This is my fourth time on the church council.  I have always been involved in the music ministry of our church.  I am the fifth generation owner of Valley View Farms homesteaded in 1841.




Todd Vincent - Financial Secretary

I am a lifetime member of Mt. Moriah Luther Church.  My wife, Teresa and I have two daughters, Michelle (Ronnie) Barnhart and Natalie (David) Stanley and two grandchildren, Trenton Barnhart and Kylee Stanley.  I retired from the Illinois Department of Corrections in 2002 and am currently employed by the Union County Sheriff's Department.




Marci Malnar- Education






John M (Mike) Stegle - Property 

Mike is married to Kathryn (Kathy) W. Stegle.  Mike and Kathy Have two children, Melanie (Matt Lasley, Julia and Luke and Jeremy (Kristen) Stegle, Katie and Lauryn.

Mike has served on Mount Moriah Council for 15 years. He currently serves  as Property Chairman.  Mike has been President, V President and Property Chairman during these 15 years.  Mike has been a member of Mount Moriah for 30+ years.

Mike and Kathy enjoy all outdoor activities, especially their Lake of Egypt getaway.  Mike also has a passion for construction and repair. 




Liz Kelley - Fellowship & Outreach

Liz is one of twelve children, originally from Pennsylvania.  She loves sports, reading, sewing, and spending time with her children and grandchildren as much as possible..

Liz has been at Mount Moriah for 9 years and loves every moment here. I am on council now as the Fellowship person, that put together dinners, fellowship on Sunday morning after  service and many more things. This is my first time on council and I hope I can do good.  Thank you to everyone at Mount Moriah.   









June 04, 2023

WORSHIP TIME9:00 a.m. Sundays


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